The sunshade for 1 car has the 2 pieces

The sunshade for 1 car has the 2 pieces

4 bases with the PET film

2 pieces of hooks

Interior view of car with sunshade

The appearance of car with sunshade

Double-color fabric of the sunshade

The sunshade fabric with silver and black color and with fireproof, silver on the outside can be shade, reflective sunshine, insulating heat, black on the inside can shade, privacy.

PET film

PET film to replace the suckers, strong adhesion, and can be reused.

Thin tube of aluminum

The sunshade is made of aluminum alloy and it is treated with fog and black.

DIY installation

Owners can easily install themselves.

Beautiful and Elegant

Whether you hold the sunshade or put away, you can keep your car beautiful; only 10 seconds per operation, convenient and elegant.

Customized production

Each car's front glass curvature and size are different, so Each vehicle should be customized design.

Step one

In the car outside the windshield along the glass frame covered the location of the drawings. There are drawings at the top and bottom

step two

Clean the adhesive area with Alcohol Swab, and then use the cloth dry the area of alcohol wipe , the top of the drawing has two hook area, the bottom of the drawing has four bases area.

Step Three

Place two sets of sunshades into the left side and the right side under the windshield.

Step Four

Tear the PET film of the sunshade round base¸and pressure sticky the PET film onto the adhesive area, then use ice stick flat round around the film.

Step Five

Tear the PET film of the hook¸and pressure sticky the PET film onto the adhesive area, then use ice stick flat round around the film.

Step Six

Hanging the sunshade and see if the fabric is smooth, if there are not flat , then adjust the hook position or sunshade round base position, until the fabric is flat.

SGS Test Certification

SGS test certification the electric curtain system of our company have passed the durability actuation test. running the system for consecutive 24hrs x 7 days, operated 9,600 of durability test cycles. Quality assurance. Zero defect.

After Sales Service

Our warranty for the electric home curtain system is 5 years

Our company have registered our electric curtain system for patents In Taiwan, China and United States.





Since the arc and the size of the front windshield of each model are different, So each car should be customized, the company started from the best-selling cars, and strive to continue to increase the new car, we will have completed the vehicle photos attached to, if your car in the photo, That can be delivered to you within 7 days.