Curtains Color

The company has seven window cloth colors, window cloth with ultra-fine elastic raw materials, and has been through the ARTC National Vehicle Inspection Center of the flammability test.


Our curtains are developed in full accordance with the different cars, with full shielding effect. CNC bending aluminum rails are easy to install, endure cold or heat, not easy to fall-off.

Vehicle Authentication

All car curtains that certified in compliance with ARTC's flame resistance test for car's interior parts and comply with the laws and regulations of the security specifications, provide the security of the all passengers.

OEM Capacity

We supply power curtain to LUXGEN 7-CEO as standard equipment and we are tier-one manufacturer that meet the automotive requirement , this is the best quality assurance. Our products are in compliance with automotive requirement, including high and low temperature durability test, operation durability test, and EMC/EMI test.

Customized products

The Volkswagen dealer in Taiwan has accredited Pinnoki as the industry's best vehicle curtains. We provide majority of manual curtain for its large car, such as Crafter, commercial vehicle T5 , and SUV Caddy, etc.

Products for Export

Taiwan's exports of automotive curtains almost cheap DIY products, Pinnoki export Japan's high-priced and customized vehicle curtains that meet the customers’ quality requirements.




ZL 03 2 42309.8, ZL 03 2 40564, ZL2005 2 0017242.8、ZL2005 2 0017244.7, ZL2006 2 0118112.8